Buy Seafood Online

Buy Seafood Online

Fresh Seafood for Delivery has made it easy for you to buy seafood online. We have partnered with The Crab Place. Now visitors to our website can purchase fresh or frozen seafood online and have it shipped to your home!

Buy Seafood Online

Finding the seafood, you need to make many of your favorite seafood recipes is sometimes challenging. Especially if you live away from the coast. So, we have made it easy for you to get many of the necessary ingredients. Click on one of the “Purchase Seafood Online” links below to place an order.

Need crabs for a seafood boil or a crab boil? Order all the types of crabs you need: hard, soft shell or crab meat already pulled. King Crab and Snow Crab legs are also available. Also, you can order Crab Cakes or Jumbo Crab Cakes already prepared!

Ready to make the ultimate seafood boil now that you know how to make one? Shrimp, clams, scallops, and lobster tails are also available for ordering. Buy raw oysters by the dozen or order a 50 or 100-count box. These are farm-raised select single oysters. Don’t want to shuck oysters, then order oysters by the pint or gallon already shucked!

Buy Fish, Shrimp, and Crawfish Online

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Are you looking for fresh fish for your next seafood meal? Easily order Flounder, Rockfish(Striped Bass), Salmon, Tuna, Swordfish, and many other types of fish.

Several types of shrimp are also available in 1-pound, 3-pound, or 5-pound quantities. Have the seafood for your next fried fish dinner, seafood boil, shrimp boil, or fried shrimp dinner delivered right to your door!

Get the crawfish for a crawfish boil, already cooked and seasoned. All you have to do is reheat and serve. It does not get any easier than that. Seasoning, sauces, and kitchen tools are also available. Please note that fresh crawfish are only available in season.

Please check for availability. If we don’t have what you need, it will be back in stock soon, so check back. If you can’t get to a local seafood market, you can easily buy seafood online using this page.

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Learn how long to boil shrimp or steam Mussels in white wine.

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