Cooking Tip for Beginners

Learn this basic cooking skill

After twenty-five years in the foodservice industry, we would offer this cooking tip for beginners. Cooking is all about time and temperature. By understanding this concept, you will have an easier time becoming a great cook.

The time and temperature cooking concept

Think about the concept of time and temperature in this way. When you are sauteing shrimp for Seafood Alfredo, the shrimp will be cooked over medium-high heat. The shrimp will only be cooked for a short time. The shrimp will be cooked thoroughly in just a few minutes. If you are deep-frying shrimp, fish, oysters, or clams, they are generally cooked at a temperature of 375. All of these ingredients will cook in under 5 minutes. Small ingredients can be cooked quickly at a high temperature and not get burnt or overdone.

Now for the flip side of the time and temperature concept. Larger ingredients need to cook longer at a lower temperature. If you are cooking a Boston Butt for pulled pork BBQ, you will need to cook it at a lower temperature for a longer time. Boston Butts for pulling are cooked to around 200 degrees over a matter of hours. This way the Boston Butt is cooked all the way through the middle and the outside of the meat will not get burnt. You don’t want to end up with a Boston Butt that has been burnt on the outside and is not cooked in the middle.

Just remember that cooking is all about time and temperature. This important cooking tip for beginners will put you on the fast track to becoming a great cook.

How many shrimp are in a pound?

What is shrimp count?

How many shrimp are in a pound? When purchasing shrimp, you ask for Jumbo, Large, Medium, or Small Shrimp, but how many shrimp should you expect to get per pound? Please use our shrimp size to the number of shrimp per pound conversion chart below and find out.

  • Jumbo shrimp are 16 to 20 in a pound
  • Large shrimp are 21 to 25 in a pound
  • Medium Shrimp are 26 to 35 in a pound
  • Small shrimp are 36 or more in a pound.

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