Keto Crab Boil

Is a Crab Boil Keto Friendly

Is Crab Meat Keto Friendly

Keto Crab Boil
Traditional and Keto-Friendly Crab Boil.

Can boiling crab be keto-friendly? Yes, you can have a Keto Crab Boil if you concentrate on eating crab meat, not carbohydrates, like corn and potatoes that are usually found in traditional crab boil.

You can eat crab on the Keto diet because the meat is high in protein and low in fats and carbohydrates. Protein should make up about 25% of your daily caloric intake on the Keto diet, which is about 500 calories daily on a standard 2000-calorie-a-day diet.

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Enjoy the crab in moderation and avoid using too much cocktail sauce. Using drawn or melted butter for a condiment would be fine for dipping crab meat in. Butter is great because it is about 80% fat and has no carbohydrates.

Use mushrooms and onions instead of corn or potatoes in a more keto-friendly crab boil. Mushrooms and yellow onions are low in carbohydrates. Also, try this keto-friendly cocktail sauce recipe to help reduce the number of carbohydrates. You want less than 10% of your daily caloric intake from carbs on the keto diet.

Purchase crab online through our online Seafood Market. How to make a Keto-Friendly Seafood Boil. What are carbohydrates in food?

The Crab Boil

Crab Boil Recipe

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The Crab Boil recipe provided here, sometimes called a Blue Crab Seafood Boil, uses the same ingredients as our Shrimp Boil, Smoked Sausage, corn on the cob, and red potatoes. The only difference is to substitute crabs for shrimp.

Use our Shrimp Boil recipe, but substitute Blue Crabs or crab legs for shrimp. Six to Eight crabs or one pound of legs per adult is a standard serving amount. However, if you are a crab lover, feel free to add more crabs.

Crabs generally take about five to seven minutes to cook in boiling water. The crabs’ shells will be orange when they have finished cooking. It is okay to cook the crabs a couple of minutes longer if you prefer.

Side Dishes For a Crab Boil

You can use many of the side dishes for a Crab Boil as you would for a Shrimp Boil. Check out some of these popular sides for a crab boil.

Best Seasonings to Use in a Crab Boil

Crab Boil Seasoning
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Old Bay Seasoning or Zatarain’s Seasoning are the best seasonings for a crab boil. After the crabs, crab legs, or claws have finished boiling and are removed from the water, dust them again with more seasoning. Dusting them again will ensure that the crabs are thoroughly seasoned and provide the most flavor.

Although the same company makes Old Bay and Zatarain’s, they are for different cooking styles. Old Bay is a traditional seasoning, and Zatarain’s is great for making a crab boil recipe cajun. Zatarain’s offers a liquid seasoning that is added to the water while your crabs are boiling, which may help add more flavor.

Other Seafood Recipes

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