How Long to Boil Shrimp

How long to boil shrimp
7 Pounds of fresh shrimp cooked in about 1 minute.

Need to know how long to boil shrimp or just how to boil shrimp? has your answer.  For the Shrimp Boil recipe used on this website, if the water is boiling or still near boiling, the shrimp will take no longer than a minute to cook. The shrimp will have an orange color, and the meat of the shrimp will be firm and white. If you use more than 4 pounds of shrimp the cooking time maybe a little longer. If the shrimp’s shell starts to come off, you have overcooked your shrimp. This is okay, but the shrimp may not be quite as tender. If you move the strainer basket up and down while the shrimp are boiling, this will help them to cook more evenly also.

Just remember that shrimp are easy to cook just about any way you want to cook them. Their small size also means that shrimp will cook fairly quickly however you prepare them. Don’t be surprised by how fast your shrimp finish cooking.

How to boil frozen shrimp

First, place your frozen shrimp into a colander. Second, run cold water over your frozen shrimp for two minutes. After about two minutes under the water, shake your colander or use your hand to separate the shrimp. This will allow the water to wash over all the shrimp more evenly. Finally, continue running the water over the shrimp for another four minutes, still shaking the colander occasionally. After a total of six or seven minutes of thawing, your shrimp are ready for cooking! These instructions are for thawing one pound of frozen shrimp but will work for larger amounts of shrimp, but the thawing time will be a little bit longer.

Cooking frozen shrimp

When you boil shrimp that is still frozen, two things will happen. First, the temperature of your water is going to drop dramatically. Second, the shrimp will not finish cooking at the same time. Some of your shrimp will get overcooked, and some of the shrimp will be undercooked. However, always be sure your shrimp are completely thawed, whichever way you plan to cook them.