Is a Seafood Boil Keto Friendly

Is a Seafood Boil Keto friendly? The answer to this question is not really, if you are preparing the boil in a traditional way. The Keto diet is based on having your body in the state of ketosis, which simply put means your body is burning fat for energy, not protein or carbs. On the keto diet you want to consume healthy fats, a small percentage of protein and very little carbohydrates. However, you can enjoy a Seafood Boil in a keto-friendly way!

Is a seafood boil keto friendly

So let’s look at the ingredients in a shrimp boil and explain why or why not they are keto diet-friendly. Two ingredients that are not keto-friendly are red potatoes and corn. Potatoes and corn are starches, which are carbohydrates and carbs are a no-no on the keto diet. You could possibly eat a couple of small pieces of potatoes and remain under your daily carb count.

Shrimp are not high in fat, but they do provide protein. So it is okay to eat shrimp as part of the keto diet. Most sausages have fat in them and they are high in protein, so it is okay to eat the sausage too. Always go with protein or carbs on a keto diet, when healthy fats are not available.

How to enjoy a keto friendly Seafood Boil

A lot of times people who are following a keto diet have a hard time eating what everyone else is eating. So when it comes to eating a Seafood Boil with friends who are not eating keto-style, eat the shrimp and sausage and leave the corn and potatoes alone. In other words, just concentrate on the good stuff! You may want to avoid using cocktail sauce or just use a small amount.

For a more keto-friendly meal, try our Garlic Olive Oil Shrimp Recipe. This recipe contains keto-friendly ingredients. Also, most fish are high in keto-friendly, healthy fats. So also try our recipe for Blackened Mahi Mahi, just make sure to use keto-friendly side dishes. Avoid carbohydrates when possible.

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