Shrimp Boil FAQs

What side dishes go with a Low Country Boil

What side dishes go with Low Country Boil

What side dishes go best with a Low Country Boil? Some great are Cole Slaw, Green Beans, Baked Beans, Collard Greens, Black-eyed Peas, or a fresh salad. Other popular additions are cornbread and hush puppies. 

After you have eaten your shrimp boil, try chilled watermelon, apple pie, or peach cobbler for desert. All of these deserts are true Southern classics!

Old Bay Seasoning or Zatarain’s Seasoning

Two of the most popular spices for a Shrimp Boil are Old Bay Seasoning and Zatarain’s Seasoning. Both of these seasonings are great for using on a Shrimp Boil. However, Old Bay Seasoning seems to be the more commonly used spice mix. Old Bay is the Shrimp Boil seasoning we use in our recipe.

Zatarain’s Seasoning is more thought of as a Cajun Seasoning associated with the Cajun Cooking style in Louisiana. If you want to make your Shrimp Boil recipe Cajun, use Zatarain’s Seasoning. Zatarain’s Seasoning is great to use on a Crawfish Boil to give it that Cajun kick.

Try making a Shrimp Boil with Old Bay and making a Shrimp Boil with Zatarain’s and see which seasoning you like the best!

What are other names for a Shrimp Boil

Shrimp Boils are also referred to by several other names throughout the United States. In the Low Country area of South Carolina and Georgia, Shrimp Boils are also commonly referred to as a Low Country Boil, Low Country Shrimp Boil, or Frogmore Stew. In Louisiana and Texas, it is sometimes called a Cajun Shrimp Boil. Names for a Shrimp Boil will vary by region, but it’s still the same delicious seafood dish.

How long to boil Shrimp in shell

How Long to Boil Shrimp.

If the water you are going to boil your shrimp in is at a rolling boil, then it should only take about one or two minutes to thoroughly boil up to five pounds of shrimp. You will know the shrimp are cooked when the shell has turned an orange color and the meat is firm and white. The meat of most shrimp is gray before it has been cooked.

How to Cook Shrimp

Want to learn more about how to cook shrimp? Although the shrimp in a Shrimp Boil are cooked by submerging them in boiling water, there are many different ways to cook shrimp. Sauteing shrimp in a pan is one popular way to cook shrimp. Sauteed Shrimp are used for making dishes such as Garlic Shrimp, Seafood Alfredo, and many other delicious shrimp meals. Shrimp can also be put on a skewer and cooked on a grill. Deep frying shrimp is another popular way to cook shrimp. Shrimp are a versatile ingredient to cook with and can be cooked in countless different ways. 

How to boil peeled shrimp

How to boil peeled shrimp? You can boil peeled shrimp the same way you boil shrimp with the shell still on by submerging them in boiling water. Shrimp will still take on a orange color when they are cooked. However, it is more common to boil shrimp with the shells still on and peel them after cooking.

Watch our YouTube video about boiling fresh shrimp.

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