Steamed Mussels Recipe

Steamed Mussels Recipe – White Wine, Minced Garlic, and Rosemary

How To Steam Mussels In a Pot

Try our easy recipe for Steamed Mussels in White Wine and Minced Garlic. This recipe also includes Rosemary, Butter, and Crushed Red Pepper. The total cook time is about five minutes.

In a small stock pot, place one and a half cups of the white wine of your choice. Our recipe uses Pinot Grigio. Add two tablespoons of minced garlic and butter to the white wine. Also, add half of a teaspoon of crushed red pepper. Bring the wine to a low boil and stir until the butter has melted.

Steamed Mussels Recipe

After the white wine has come to a low boil and the ingredients are well blended in the wine “broth,” add the mussels to the pot and the sprig of Rosemary.

How Long To Steam Mussels

The white wine should cover the mussels halfway. Next, cover the pot with the lid and steam the mussels until they open. If the broth is boiling when you add the mussels, it should take about one minute to open.

You can serve the mussels straight out of the pot as an appetizer, or you can serve them over a bed of pasta. If you want to make the pasta version Mediterranean Diet friendly, use whole wheat pasta.

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How Much Mussels Per Person

A standard serving size of mussels is one pound per person. Remember when you are purchasing them that most of the weight of the mussels is the shell. You may add more mussels if you want too.

Best Steamed Mussels Recipe
Steamed Mussels

Always make sure when you are purchasing mussels that the shells are completely closed. For example, if the shell is open and you can see the meat of the mussel, then don’t use them.

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